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Commonly referred to as the brunette goddess of porn, Racquel Darrian was one of the biggest porn stars of the 1990’s and over the years has truely become a legend in her own irght.  Born Kelly Jackson on July 21, 1968 in Kansas, this ethnic beauty is part Spanish and part American Indian.

Most people think that Racquel was a nude model first and then got into movies eventually but Racquel's first movie was actually made in 1988 and her first magazine appearance wasn't until the next year.  For more than a decade Racquel lived a double life as a model and adult actress.  Most of her earlier model jobs would be under her real name "Kelly Jackson" and her movie performances would be billed under "Racquel Darrian" or some varation thereof.  Her lists of alias's include Kelly Jackson (her real name), Racquel Darrian, Racquel Devon, Racquel Davon, Racquel Damian, Racquel Damien, Racquel Derrian and Racquel Corben. 

Racquel Darrian's massive success was quite a testament to her beauty and volcanic on-screen sexuality. Racquel has spent most of her career as a Vivid girl, starring in only big-budget, top-notch productions.  But what most people don't realize is that Racquel has done just as many movies for other companies over the years than she has for Vivid.  If you add them all up, her random appearances in other titles equal those from her Vivid career.

At last count, Racquel Darrian has appeared in about 99 movies and 121 magazines from 1988 to 2000.  Her most popular titles were those she did for Vivid, where Racquel became a mega star, some of which include "Original Sin", "Bonnie and Clyde 1 : Outlaws of Love", "Bonnie and Clyde 2 : Desperado", "Bonnie and Clyde 3 : The Secrets of Bonnie and Clyde", "Bonnie and Clyde 4 : The Revenge of Bonnie and Clye", "Intimate Journey", "Cloud 9", and "Sinderella 2 : The Step Sister.

Racquel is married to porn stud and long time co-star, Derrick Lane.  For years would only perform on camera with Derrick Lane or in girl/girl scenes. Luckily for us that changed and that is when her career really took off.

Racquel Darrian and Derrick Lane make their home in the city of sin itself .... Las Vegas, Nevada where locals commonly report running into her at the grocery store or at the gym.  Racquel is reported to work out several times a week.  Racquel has made health and fitness a top priority in her life which is why repeated rumors of her heavy drug usage /coke habit seem unlikely.  

As one of the most alluring women in the world, her popularity is no accident. Racquel works out constantly to keep her body in top shape which enhances her on screen performances ... as Racquel always gives us scorchingly, sexy, trysts full of bouncing, and panting gymnastics.

Racquel lost her contract with Vivid a few years ago; rumor was drug abuse but that has never been confirmed. All we know is Vivid dropped Racquel right in the middle of making a movie and will make no further comment about it.  In fact, Vivid not only stopped production of the movie after getting rid of Racquel, they ditched all footage and said the movie would never see the light of day despite spending an untold amount of money on the movie.  Some people have said that the title was almost completed.  What was the real story behind it?  Nobody really knows except maybe Racquel and the execs at Vivid. 

Recently Racquel has just been enjoying what she calls a normal life with her husband and her daughter who was born in June of 1997.  She, on rare occasion will go out on a dance tour but mostly the only work she does is through her personal website.  Although even then, it's very limited.  As most of the work for her official site is contracted out to another company.

Although Racquel is no longer making adult movies, that doesn't mean she is gone to good.  Through her many years in the business she has given us some wonderful scenes that will no doubt appear in compilation titles for years to come.  Will Racquel ever make a return to adult movies?  Probably not.  But that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy watching all of her wonderful movies in dreaming about her.  :)

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