Racquel Darrian


Title: Bonnie and Clyde 1


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Lots of star power involved in this movie with decent sex scenes and a fairly decent plot for a porno . I do give credit to Paul Thomas for that. I enjoyed the movie from both an artistic and sexual point of view. All the sex scenes take place outdoors, with nice settings and good natural lighting. Racquel Darrian and Ashley Gere are both very exciting for me to watch. Nikki Dial and Francesa Le were equally good. My boyfriend agrees, two thumbs up for this flick!

Scene 1: Ashlyn Gere, Randy West

After robbing a bank, Bonnie (Ashlyn Gere) and Clyde (Randy West) are taking a break on the side of the road when they suddenly feel the urge to have sex. Randy makes a tasty meal of Ashlyn's pussy and she does the same to his cock.

Ashlyn then gets taken from behind while she leans on a antique car. Good movie props and costumes for this period piece, I must add. After taking a few pumps from behind, Ashlyn gets onto the hood of the car while Randy West jacks himself off on the headlights. Ashlyn, while on the hood, plays with herself and uses the hood ornament for help, and coaxes Randy on verbally as he strokes himself off.

Scene 2: Racquel Darrian

The lovely Racquel is bemoaning the boredom in her life living on a farm. She dreams of being like Bonnie and Clyde. To relieve her boredom, Racquel gives herself a seductive sponge bath and then begins to masturbate, all next to a nice lake with a beautiful view of the mountains in the background. The scene is quite good, showing us many of Racquel's fine attributes.

We see her tight butt, firm body, perfect chest, nice legs, cute little pussy, and her exquisite face. Her makeup and hair are very well done in this movie. The strikingly attractive Racquel makes this scene a real winner. Not to mention the great faux-southern accent she uses.

Scene 3: Francesca Le, Nikki Dial

Back at Bonnie and Clyde's hideout, their gang is restless and bored. Vivacious Fran Le and superstar Nikki Dial try to alleviate their boredom of course. In another outdoor scene, Fran and Dial eat each other out while the male members of the gang spectate. In this short scene, Dial and Fran enjoy each other's orgasms.

Scene 4: Francesca Le, Nick East, Nikki Dial, Micky Ray

Nick stands on the raised front patio of the cabin, his dick right at mouth level for Francesca to suck on it. Nikki Dial can't stand by watching so she joins Fran. One sucks cock, the other sucks balls, each taking turns. Nick East face shows extreme pleasure. Micky Ray then gets behind the two standing girls and begins to play with their pussies.

He fingers and licks both as they continue to suck on East. Finally, the 4some pairs up, Fran and East on the patio, Dial and Ray nearby on the ground. Both girls get bent over barrels and each get it from behind. Like sychronized swimmers, the girls get pumped and cum in unison. East and Ray can't hold their loads any longer.

Scene 5: Racquel Darrian, Derrick Lane

Derrick gets turned on while watching Racquel hanging up the laundry to dry, (I wonder, does this happen to them in real life?). Racquel is resistant at first but then Derrick ducks his head under Racquel's dress, and while eating her pussy changes her mind!

Racquel's vocal skills, while not overdone, are quite exciting to hear. Racquel then blows her real life hubby in her own seductive fashion. Darrian is then proped up onto a picnic-like table. Lane continues to stand as he uses a two finger method to stimulate Racquel. Meanwhile, Racquel is blowing his cock.

Derrick eagerly shows us the insides of Racquel vagina, pulling the lips apart as he plays with her. Racquel's mouth and throat visible are moved as she sucks Derrick's dick. Quite nice camera angles. Finally, Racquel and Derrick sit on a tree stump and engage in a reverse cowgirl position. Racquel's facial expressions are divine. Her beauty makes all us girls envious of course. After minutes in this position, Lane spews over Racquel's pretty butt and back. Racquel's cries of "Oh Baby, Oh Baby" finish the scene.

The rest of the movie intends to drive the plot of the movie foward. Bonnie and Clyde (Gere and West) decide that running from the law is no longer fun. They want to settle down, if possible. They run into Zeke and Sissy (Lane and Darrian) at Zeke's gas station. Sissy deftly distracts two police officers while drinking her soda pop, i.e. Darrian plays some tongue tricks on the bottle! Sissy invites Bonnie and Clyde to shack up at their home and lay low for a while. They accept.

Zeke and Clyde discussing life at the gas station when Thelma (Alex Jordan) arrives. She is the local whore in town. Shortly thereafter, the two police officers arrive, looking for the naughty Bonnie and Clyde gang. On this note, the movies ends..... to be continued....

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