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Title: Bonnie and Clyde 2: Desperados
Released: 1993

This is another great film in this series. The finale is very good with Racquel and Ashlyn strutting their stuff. Alex Jordan plays a fairly good supporting role. Film quality is so so and direction is a little above average. A good flick for either fans of Racquel Darrian or Ashlyn Gere. A rare performance of Racquel with another man was interesting to watch.

Scene 1: Alex Jordan, Jonthan Morgan, Tom Chapman

In return for a case of soda pop, Thelma (Alex Jorden) agrees to seduce the two police officers on the trail of Bonnie and Cylde. Alex allows herself to be eaten in the back seat of the cop car. The interrogation then proceeds into Zeke's garage where Alex gives head to Jon Morgan. Meanwhile, Tom fingers her from behind. Alex then gets into a standing reverse cowboy where she gets some anal poking as well.

Alex does deep throat both cocks, which is nice to see. The highlight occurs at the end where Morgan blows his load on Alex's rear/inner thighs and when Chapman blows his load onto Alex's waiting tongue. She finds the cum so delicious that she licks her fingers enthusiastically.

Scene 2: Ashlyn Gere, Racquel Darrian

Bonnie (Gere) and Sissy (Darrian) play dress up and makeup with each other. Racquel looks so pretty in one of Bonnie's dresses. Bonnie has put on one of Sissy's dresses as well. A prelude to their switching roles? In any case, the two have so much fun dressing up as each other that they suddenly feel a craving to get together. Gere eats out Racquel as she stands with her back against the wall. Gere flicks her tongue at Racquel's clit and licks up and down her pussy. There are some great close up shots of Racquel love triangle here. Then Racquel turns around facing the wall and Gere continues to lick Racquel as only Ashlyn can. Ashlyn begins to finger herself as well.

During these minutes, we get some great close up shots of Racquel's tight ass. Ashlyn and Racquel may be two of the best butts in porn. We do not get a glimpse of Ashlyn rear though. Finally, Racquel can no longer hold herself from orgasm, and we hear this verbally. In a much shorter time, Racquel eats out Ashlyn's pussy, also bringing her to an orgasm. We can see which of the two is the more experienced actress here. Gere's orgasm is much more fun to watch than Racquel's but both together have a sizzling scene well worth watching.

Scene 3: Alex Jordan, T.T. Boy

Thelma has had her eye on Zeke's hired hand played by TT Boy for a while now and she tells him so. Of course, to celebrate their new relationship, Alex and TT get it on in the back of a pickup truck. TT begans by eating out Alex Jordan in a standing position. She plays with her smallish but perky breasts while TT snacks on her.

TT then switches positions with Alex while she does her best to please his penis. TT and Alex do some stand up fucking and move into a reverse cowgirl with Alex spreading apart her lips for the camera. TT climaxes onto Alex's chest in a anticlimatic shot. Alex does a little tongue teasing to TT after he has cum.

Meanwhile, plot wise, as if you cared, Bonnie and Clyde's gang has been capture, which alarms the couple. They ask for Zeke's and Sissy's help in pulling off another bank robbery which is successful. In return, Bonnie and Clyde give Zeke and Sissy part of the money. Bonnie and Cylde feel the heat is being turned up and decide the leave town.

They do not want to endanger their new found friends. Sissy insists that they stay long, so that they can all say "goodbye" properly. They agree and pair up for a finale farewell. The following two scenes below actually run concurently in the movie. We are treated to two great actresses and their very different styles on screen.

Scene 4: Racquel Darrian, Randy West

Sissy (Darrian) and Clyde (West) stay in the bedrrom as Bonnie (Gere) and Zeke (Lane) move to the living room. West is treated to Racquel's seductive and gentle blowjob. Saliva covers Randy's cock as she uses her technique of twist and suck, twist and suck. Racquel moves slow and steady over Randy's cock, making sure to be very gentle. Lane meanwhile is treated to Ashlyn more aggressive blowjob.

She spanks his cock against her face and tongue, rubs it throughly, and sucks on it without mercy. Ashlyn shows no restraint going down on Lane. This scene is has some slow motion shots of both girls bobbing their heads while sucking the men off. Very nice touch.

Racquel lays back as Randy West eats out her pussy. He does so in fine fashion with his long thick tongue. Racquel writhes and rocks back and forth on Randy tongue. We can see Racquel is enjoying this licking session. Ashlyn skips being eaten and just gets on Lane's cocks and rides him in a standing position. Ashlyn classic verbal comments fill the room as Racquel is quietly being pleasured.

Scene 5: Ashlyn Gere, Derrick Lane

Ashlyn and Derrick move to the front doorway where she places her hands on the doorframe and rides the prone Lane. His cocks keeps slipping out of her, he looks quite worn out already. This does not bother Gere as she keeps on moaning, groaning, and cursing. What a mouth on that lady! Meanwhile, Racquel has been put into a doggy position by Randy West and she seems to be having the time of her life. Both Gere and Darrian show us their facial features of pleasure and pain.

Finally, Ashlyn and Derrick head outdoors where Ashlyn hugs a poll with Derrick ramming her from behind. From underneath we see his penetration. Ashlyn's verbal assault reaches a highpoint as she asks for more and more and demands to be fucked harder. Lane, sweating profusely at this point, keeps on going as best he can. Ashlyn finally turns around and lets Derrick cum into her waiting mouth.

Meanwhile, Randy and Racquel have moved to a missionary position with Racquel using her hands to spread her lips apart as well as to rub up against Randy's cock externally. Randy is sweating tremendously as well. Racquel looks cool and calm and except for a few grunts and groans and moans, is very quiet compared to Ashlyn. In the end, Randy pulls out and cums onto Racquel's bush. Another weak shot though. For all their work, I think Ashlyn and Racquel deserved better loads.

The movie ends as Zeke and Sissy drive up in Bonnie and Clyde's car. The police officers stop them but then see it is only Zeke and Sissy who are dressed as Bonnie and Clyde. Zeke and Sissy insist they got the car and clothes from strangers who were just passing through town.

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