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Title: Cloud 9
Released: 1995

Availble as a Digital Download

The image quality (color, lighting) is excellent, and while it suffers somewhat from cable-ready editing, there are still many full body shots that are not cut away from immediately.  Racquel's face is looking a little older, but her body seems as close to perfection as it ever was.

SCENE 0: As the credits play Racquel lounges by a pool, and plays with herself. I guess this is supposed to be Heaven.

SCENE 1: Racquel and her fellow angels, Barbara Doll and Felicia, get in on in the living room.

SCENE 2: Derrick's new girlfriend (Asia) tries to help him forget Racquel by fucking his brains out. They do doggie (nice) and cowgirl on a chair in the living room while Racquel and her buddies look on.

SCENE 3: Derrick imagines Racquel getting nailed by some heavenly dude. Same room again. Pretty nice scene. Stephen takes Racquel from behind and then missionary before popping on her stomach.

SCENE 4: Racquel and Asia get it on the bedroom (a different room finally)

SCENE 5: Then Derrick joins in and does Racquel doggie style. He pops on her back and ass.

Overall it's a decent video and MUST see for Racquel fans.  I must complement Derrick Lane for his fine directorial efforts.  I think his next few videos (as a director) are bound to be even better - he shows much talent for this aspect of film making.

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