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Title: Girlfriend (aka Kink)
Released: 1999

Availble as a Digital Download

Girlfriend finally puts together the two women everyone wanted to see fuck each other: Racquel Darrian and Janine Lindemulder.

The first scene shows Janine naked, tossing and turning in bed next to her lover. This is a great depart from straight out fucking and lets you just see her naked body in all its glory.

We then see Randy Spears fucking Corinne. Corinne is average but has a great set of tits and a nice body to go with it. They do a good scene.

Janine and Racquel are next to go. One of the hottest scenes in the movie is Racquel masturbating and Janine watching her from a hallway, masturbating herself watching Racquel. Racquel uses her fingers and a vibrator. Janine reaches into a closet and grabs a dildo and some lube for herself. The scene is one of the best, definitely worth buying the movie, as the camera cuts back and forth to each girl.

There is also a hot scene showing Racquel, and then Janine taking showers. But one of the best scenes is Racquel, Janine, and Corinne getting to know each other. Tons of fingers, dildos, tongues, and Racquel even fucks with a strap-on at one point!

The best scene though is the ending orgy with the three girls and two guys, Randy and Derrick Lane. Unfortunately of course, Janine doesn't fuck any of the guys, but the scene is still explosive. It begins with Corinne fucking Randy's face, as he is wearing a strap-on on his head. While this is going on, Racquel in her long black boots sits on Derrick's lap and has Janine stick her tongue all the way inside her pussy. Racquel is thoroughly pleased by this, evident by her moans. This goes on until Racquel comes over to make out with Corinne and finger her pussy. Soon, all three girls fall into fucking each other while the two guys watch. Racquel gets in the middle, letting Corinne munch on her pussy while eating out Janine.

Janine and Corinne pair off and let the two guys fuck Racquel. They take turns fucking her from behind while the other gets their dick sucked. Really raunchy and hot! As a finale, Derrick fucks Racquel while she lies on her back, kissing Corrine and having Randy suck on her breast.

Overall, this movie is definitely worth buying for the end scene and the masturbation scene. Watching Janine and Racquel go at it is one of the highlights for anyone who loves these Vivid girls.

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