Racquel Darrian


Title: Intimate Journey
Released: 1993

Availble as a Digital Download

Intimate Journey is definitely a film for two kinds of people. Those who really want to see Racquel looking her hottest, and those who don't enjoy film plots and just want to see hot sex. The sex is definitely aimed at couples and those who might be new to porn, yet still remains hot and focuses on Racquel.

The first scene is simply amazing, involving Racquel, Tianna, and Derrick Lane. Racquel and Derrick open up the scene with them getting naked and Racquel beginning to blow him. The action moves over to a couch, where Racquel gets deep between his legs and starts licking and sucking his balls while jerking him off. She then climbs on top of him and starts riding, and soon Tianna walks in. Derrick is sort of surprised, and the two girls stare at each other before Tianna decides she likes what she sees and starts making an advance towards Racquel.

Tianna opens Racquels legs and starts licking. While Racquel is the eye-candy, Tianna is very much in control of the scene and her tempo really sets the pace. Its great watching Tianna tear Racquel's legs apart and just having a blast ripping into her muffin with her tongue. The rest of the scene has Derrick banging Tianna as she eats out Racquel, followed by a scene in which Racquel puts on a strap on and fucks Tianna while they both go down on Derrick, switching between kissing, sucking his cock, and licking his balls. Sadly, Derrick misses Racquel's face with his first shot of cum, so she moves in and gets some of the rest of the cum on her face and hair. The only problem here is I wanted to see Tianna fuck Racquel with the strap-on as well.

The next scene has Tianna, Racquel, and Leena. Leena is eating out Tianna, and Tianna eating Racquel's ass and pussy again is nice to watch. The scene is a bit short though, and Leena gets nothing for herself. It would have been nice to have them switch positions.

The best scene though, and I won't ruin it, is Racquel solo. All I'm saying is she does some very clever and erotic things with a ladder and a garden hose. You'll have to watch to find out what I mean!

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