Racquel Darrian


Title: Luna Chick
Released: 1996

Availble as a Digital Download

Racquel stars in this great movie about a woman with a failing sex life who catches her husband treating himself to two whores in the beginning of the film. After this, its a rollercoaster ride as she manages to find her sexual self-confidence and gets caught up with her therapist's husband.

The first scene starts out with Steven St. Croix (Racquel's husband in the movie) watching two French vixens, Rebecca Lords and Channone, wearing barely anything and giving him a short dance. Steven then hands both girls a vibrator which they start to use on themselves before he begins to help them. Soon they start taking turns sucking his dick, and Rebecca ends up reverse cowgirl while Channone licks her clit. Racquel shows up in the middle, but hides and watching Steven finish with the girls. Rebecca gets a quick fuck missionary style before Steven pulls out and blows his wad across the faces of both girls. Racquel is waiting as the girls leave, and slaps Steven and walks out on him.

Racquel seeks help from an extremely horny therapist, played by Tiffany Millions. Soon, Racquel finds herself to have her self-confidence back and goes to a pool hall where Jon Dough, who is Tiffany's husband in the movie, works as a bartender. At first the two flirt, leading into scenes in the future, but they don't fuck yet. Still, Jon can't stop thinking of Racquel, and that night as Tiffany is blowing him, he imagines Racquel sitting on top of a pool table masturbating. He quickly blows his load all over Tiffany's face from thinking of Racquel, and with the cum dripping on her chin she tries to get fucked, but Jon is done for the night.

Racquel apparently is thinking about Jon too, and describes at Tiffany's office her own fantasy. Racquel and Jon are at the bar and she starts to blow him. Jon then puts her in a missionary position and fucks her with a condom. Racquel switches to doggy-style before going back to missionary and having Jon rip the condom off and cum all over her pussy. Racquel looked great in this scene!

Further along in the movie, we finally get to see Tiffany and Racquel. The two end up naked with Tiffany licking Racquel in multiple positions. Racquel then is shown reverse cowgirl on her. Tiffany rubs Racquel's pussy and the shot really shows Racquel's gorgeous body off in its full glory. Quickly though, Racquel orgasms, gets dressed, and leaves. Tiffany finishes herself off with a vibrator.

If the ending of that last scene didn't throw you for a loop about why it ended so fast, the real ending will completely trick you into what you thought was coming. Either way, a great movie with some good sex!

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