Racquel Darrian


Title: Original Sin
Released: 1998

Availble as a Digital Download

Original Sin has a deep story. Racquel looks hotter than ever, and Asia Carrera is also looking gorgeous in this flick.  This movie is great, has a very involving plot, and tons of sex scenes. Another bonus is the stunning Asia Carrera, in a hot threeway with her in a black bra and panties which she has to drop after losing in strip poker. You can imagine where the scene goes from there!

The first scene with Racquel is a little disappointing only because it abruptly cuts off. Racquel starts by masturbating in a tub of water. Randy Spears, her husband, hands her a towel as she gets out, and they begin to kiss before she takes his cock into her mouth. Randy then starts eating her out, but the scene ends here.

The next scene with Racquel shows her talking to Vince Voyeur, who is her therapist, about her marriage to Randy. She begins to caress her breasts and shows a little of her panties before bending over her chair so Vince can eat her pussy from behind. Racquel then starts to blow Vince, but Randy is watching through a window outside. Racquel uses both her hands to jerk Vince off, but amazingly he holds off from cumming. Lucky for him, because he gets to fuck her missionary style on his desk and then from behind. He pulls out and gets the condom off just in time to cum all over her ass. Great scene!

The movie has a lot more sex, but I will describe one more scene with Racquel. Standing in front of her refridgerator in a hot white top and thong panties, she fixes the thong between her tight ass. Randy comes up from behind her, and lifts her shirt to cup her tits with his hands. He quickly starts to fuck her missionary style on the table. He winds up pulling out and cumming on her belly and pussy! Racquel definitely looks the hottest in this scene, although her best scene action-wise was probably with Vince.

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