Racquel Darrian


Title: Out For Blood
Released: 1990
Length: 105 Minutes
Rating: 3 1/2 out of 4 Stars (AVN - Adult Video News)

The movie starts out with a flashback scene from 1965 in which Racquel Darrian plays the flower child Delilah (complete with a flower painted on her cheek), and her boyfriend on and off the screen Derrick Lane as Tibor. The couple start out with Tibor chasing Delilah in her buckskin top and cut-off jean shorts through the park.

He catches her easily, and quickly removes her top for the whole world to see. She then breaks free and runs deeper into the park, (breasts bouncing quite nicely, might I add) where a blanket and food just happen to be all laid out for them. After some idle chit-chat and before you can say "far out man" she is naked.

Two seconds later, she is engaged in giving a quick blow job to Tibor. Before Tibor can return the favor, Delilah mounts him for a quick game of leap-frog. Two seconds after that, they are both on their sides with Delilah's leg high in the air giving a good clear shot of the action. Two seconds later (yes these scenes move fast) she is Doggie-Style for the grand finale.

Tibor now comes to the end of what anyone having sex with Racquel Darrian could stand, and announces to the entire park that he is cumming. Delilah quickly spins around to catch the load on her tongue, but misses the mark and doesn't catch a SINGLE drop anywhere near her face.

I must say this is not the best movie I have ever seen, but who can turn down the chance to see Racquel Darrian in action!  Her hot body makes almost any movie worth watching. ;-)

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