Racquel Darrian


Title: Rolling Thunder
Released: 1996

Availble as a Digital Download

Rolling Thunder features two Penthouse Pets for the price of one movie. How can any movie with Racquel and Nikki Tyler go wrong??  Nikki and Racquel are amazing in this movie. Any collector should pick this one up just to watch these two pets get it on.

The movie begins with Racquel, an uptight corporate type with a boring boyfriend, deciding to throw caution to the wind and goes into a biker bar looking for some fun. She saddles up at the bar when Nikki Tyler, dressed in tight latex, fuck-me boots, and a sexy tank top procedes to seduce Racquel on a Harley in the middle of the bar much to every fat biker's delight. They strip each other down and Nikki spreads Racquels legs to give her a good tongue-fuck while grabbing her ass. At this point, Derrick Lane steps in and starts fucking Nikki from behind. The girls then switch positions, and eventually Derrick blows his load on Racquel's tits as she kisses Nikki. This movie starts off with a bang!

The next scene slows down a bit, and shows Racquel masturbating in a bathtub thinking about what she just did. This is a great scene to fit inbetween the first scene and what comes up next.

Bobby Vitale, who is Racquel's husband, also isn't enjoying his sex life. So, he gets it on with his secretary, Tabitha Stevens. He eats her out first on his desk, before they switch and she sucks him off and licks his balls as well. They fuck in multiple positions until Bobby rips his rubber off and cums all over her pussy and stomach.

The next scene shows Nikki Tyler, Felicia, and Bridgette Monroe getting it on. Nikki is laying, again in her fuck-me boots, when Felicica and Bridgette show up. They soon begin fucking each others brains out, and this scene does not fall short of the mark by any means! Nikki's ass looks amazing, and she does a great job tonguing Felicia's ass as well! For anyone looking for something a little kinky, this is it! Bridgette also puts her tongue, and tongue-ring, to good use on Nikki's pussy. Although she doesn't look as good, her performance is right up there.

One of the best scenes though is showing Racquel and Felicia going at it while Jessica James fucks Bobby. Racquel brought her husband to the biker bar and lets him fuck Jessica. She starts by blowing him while Felicia sits on Racquel's lap at first before starting to taste her tits and pussy. Bobby then starts eating Jessica out before fucking her, as Racquel munches on Felicica's pussy. Racquel and Felicia soon switch while Bobby continues fucking Jessica, and the tongue-fuck she gives Racquel is hot! Bobby pulls out of Jessica and cums all over her tits.

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